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Johnny Contardo

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Johnny Contardo
Art by Casey

As the standout former lead singer of Sha Na Na, Johnny Contardo is renowned for his romantic ballads.  Consistently a crowd favorite as a solo act, Johnny shows his versatility onstage, and has performed many an encore to standing room only audiences.
He was awarded a Platinum album for the soundtrack from the movie GREASE, as well as a Grammy nomination. He received a Gold album for the Golden Age of Rock n Roll, and is well known for being featured on the Sha Na Na television show that aired for seven years.

His song “Those Magic Changes” was featured in the movie and soundtrack for GREASE. His show is an incredible crowd pleaser, and is perfect entertainment for your public, private and corporate events. Johnny likes to involve the audience with participation, and is always a big hit. His repertoire features a great mix of Oldies, up-tempo rock, and his famous romantic ballads.  He is  happy to customize his show to deliver what the client and audience desires. Johnny is also a charming emcee as well,  personality and energy onstage.

  As a tour soloist, Johnny is distinguished for all styles of music, including Pop, Swing, Jazz, and the Music of the 50’s.  He has entertained fans all over the world with his charm, wit and vocal content.
Johnny combines his vocal expertise, enthusiasm, and energy into an unforgettable performance. This experience showcases his talent with tunes reminiscent of Bobby Darin, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, and good old Rock n Roll.
Presenting Johnny Contardo is a delight.  His presence onstage is smooth, sensual and special.  The media and market-place will welcome the fresh breath and expression of memories, artistic ability and popular pleasures of his show.  

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"Johnny was great, everyone was thrilled to see him back on stage wowing his fans and entertaining everyone"
Jerry Somma
Sorrento Cheese Feast of Little Italy
Jupiter, FL